10th April 2013
In which I come a poor second to Jules Birch in drawing out the parallels between the problems with the1983 housing benefit changes as recounted by Nicholas Timmins and the current worries about Universal Credit
5th April 2013
Reflections on a week of exceptionally dismal welfare coverage, followed by some historical cross-national analysis of trends in working age welfare spending.
3rd April 2013
19th March 2013
Some pictures are worth a thousand words. Not this one.
8th March 2013
Not your typical idiotic Daily Mail story: this one was written for them by the Treasury!
24th January 2013
Employment is at its highest levels on record, as ministers like to point out: what they omit to point out is that this particular record has been broken 139 times since 1971, including 74 times under the last government.