The text below is based on the most common words occurring in a random sample of articles about social security which appeared in the Daily Express between 2008 and 2011. The text was automatically generated with the word-order strictly following the frequency with which the words occurred (in descending order of frequency). My only interventions were to break the resulting sequence of words into three-line groupings, with the first four words forming the title and the last four a final free-standing line. Because of the limited and simple vocabulary used in this type of tabloid story, it's perhaps not surprising that the automatic procedure generates what may appear to be coherent phrases, or that given the nature of that vocabulary, these phrases are rather ugly.

Benefits. Housing. Scandal. Work.

Britain overpaid welfare claim families
Cameron vow workers workshy Britons
Spongers bill £100m million contempt

Immigrants heads broken
Migrants increase bonanza
Brown's tourism lose court prove blew rules

Single clawed disasters hit government taxpayer
Unacceptable lottery fat
£1m bleeds ambush pay

Scrap sex system
Voters scrounge
Handed prisoners women

Time failure mums incapacity hunter fraud
Soak-the-rich foreigners cost ceiling
Heaven told high nations upped roll aiding strikes

Cheats burden reveals job handouts £300m
Call all-time shake-up
Foreign dry deplorable dole drugs hits fury £1.85bn paradise

Fit new invasion
Wake-up cash rule policy
Parent holds broke jobs

Taxpayers £20.8bn well-off £8bn
Euro Tories thug Labour's websites
Two-year weak swindlers pick ill

Labour exposes ten children.