A breakdown of the raw data.

The Excel file shows numbers of DLA recipients for each parliamentary constituency in Great Britain from Nomis. (Data for Northern Ireland constituencies is not available from Nomis.) DLA receipt is broken down by age, and in the context of current proposals for DLA in the Welfare Reform Bill, the most important figure is the number of working age DLA claims.

I have also included the number of DLA claims which are combined with IB/ESA (including Income Support for reasons of disability) and the percentage of all IB/ESA claims which are combined with DLA. The reason for including these figures is that many DLA clients will not only be affected by changes to DLA but by changes to ESA such as time-limiting contributions-based entitlements, as well as by the operation of the Work Capability Assessment.

I have tried to ensure the list of MPs is up to date and accurate but if there are any mistakes let me know by Twitter Direct Message @djmgaffneyW4

Office spreadsheet icon DLAbyConsituency.xls